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About Us

BrandNewZ Clothing is a cutting-edge street couture lifestyle brand for the progressive fashion-forward thinkers who live life forward, while doing it with style, pizzazz, and good taste. The motto is to live life with great passion, purpose, and style- all while being your greater self. BrandNewZ is spelled with a Z at the end to symbolize the journey of life from A-Z. In theory, it is believed that when you get to the end of the alphabet {the Z}, that it’s the end and that you can’t go any further. With BrandNewZ, it’s not the end...that’s why the Z in BrandNewZ is flipped forward to symbolize forward movement, life, and driven purpose. BrandNewZ Clothing takes pride in being the mantra for fashion excellence, trendsetting style, and culture. Life is a journey from A-Z, and no matter where you may be in the alphabet of life, Live Forward...


~Greg “BrandNewZ” Bryant